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JUUL Vape Devices in Dubai UAE

JUUL | Pod Vapes in Dubai, UAE

JUUL Device - Black Color

from 220.00 د.إ Inc. VAT
JUUL | Pod Vapes in Dubai, UAE

JUUL Starter Kit - Black Color with 2 Pods

from 280.00 د.إ Inc. VAT
JUUL | Pod Vapes in Dubai, UAE

JUUL Device - Silver Color

from 250.00 د.إ Inc. VAT

JUUL – Advanced Alternative to Smoking

Although many users who are new to vaping choose starter kits packed with everything they need for a good start, more advanced users often prefer high-end devices, and JUUL Pods belong to exactly this category. So, what are these vapes and why are they so popular with users of all types? Let’s discuss all this in greater detail to find out more about the cutting-edge technologies behind these vaping systems.

Choosing JUUL Device

This kind of vaping mod was released back in 2015 to demonstrate customers that there is a brand-new and much healthier solution to smoking usual tobacco. The e-juice that is kept inside these devices is based on nicotine salts that are a lot better than regular e-liquids. They allow you to get nicotine satisfaction many times quicker as nicotine salts penetrate the blood system much faster than their ordinary counterparts. When choosing a JUUL Vape, it is worth considering the following aspects:

  • All orders after Wednesday 12 midnight can only be delivered on Saturday.
  • Determine how much nicotine you wish to consume. As a rule, these devices have a fixed nicotine level that amounts to 50 mg, which is roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes. Basically, everything depends on how long you will be using the device throughout the day;
  • Consider how much money you are ready to pay for the device. In this respect, JUUL Pods in Dubai are always reasonably priced so you may find whatever you need at a very good cost. What’s more, you can always get a starter kit at a fair value for you to have all you need at your disposal for a satisfying vaping experience;
  • Consider what flavor you wish to enjoy when vaping your new device. In this regard, you may get a pre-filled e-juice pod pack so that you could enjoy the favorite flavor with greater ease and in a more convenient manner.

Usage of JUUL Device

It is very easy to use these mods. They all have an e-liquid capacity of 0.7 ml, which means your mod may last either throughout the day or just for several hours. The battery’s power capacity is rather small, but you’ll easily understand when you need to charge it using a special indicator. What’s more, a JUUL pod is usually characterized by incredible portability due to its lightweight construction. The charging process is easy and quick and takes less than an hour. You may use an exclusively designed USB deck to charge your appliance compared to conventional ways of charging. What’s even more incredible is the unique feeling that you get while using it as it has no buttons and, therefore, you can easily start using it just inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece.

How to Maintain JUUL

Such devices do not require too much maintenance simply because they are based on pre-filled e-juice pods, which means you’ll just have to insert the e-juice pod into the device and get started. You no longer need to clean the tank or perform other unnecessary duties. Everything is pretty much simple with these devices, so once you charge it, you’ll be all set to vape. What’s more, it is very easy to enjoy vaping with this mod while you are traveling or just on the go.

How to Get One Online

If you intend to buy this vape mod, we recommend that you stop your search and order the best JUUL in Dubai at our website, because we’ve got all you need for a great vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, you can easily grab a starter kit and get started with ease. We are pretty sure that even experienced vapers will soon understand that this device is their best alternative to smoking or using other types of vapes, so don’t miss a chance to try something new and get a unique experience all at once. The prices on JUULs in UAE are very user-friendly, so you do not lose anything. Instead, you’ll get an advanced and high-tech device to enjoy your vaping leisure time with a lot more pleasure and satisfaction!